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Powering procurement excellence through strategic partnerships

Join the Scoutbee partner ecosystem to shape the future of procurement together.

Our partners


Solution partners

We partner with top complementary product and service providers to bring more comprehensive solutions to the market, improving procurement processes and helping our customers achieve their business objectives.

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Data partners

We analyze, aggregate, and visualize data from our partners to create valuable insights to help organizations make informed decisions about their procurement processes and advance strategic initiatives such as risk management, ESG, and innovation.


Consulting partners

With our consulting partners, we define unique procurement needs and specific requirements to help our clients streamline their procurement processes, improve efficiency, and stay competitive in an ever-changing business landscape.

With Scoutbee, we are now teaming up with the market leader in AI-driven supplier intelligence and search to support SAP customers in innovating, simplifying, and speeding up strategic procurement.
volker popp chief product expert sap
Volker PoppChief Product Expert SAP
Using AI to empower data-driven decisions has always been a passion of ours. Partnering with Scoutbee to bring their best-in-class supplier discovery and intelligence engines to Keelvar’s Sourcing Optimization platform will be a game changer in how customers find, select, and optimize the right suppliers for their business.
dylan alperin keelvar
Dylan AlperinHead of Professional Services Keelvar
Through the use of our services, clients can utilize Scoutbee’s resources and enrich their supplier database to build supply chain resilience. This includes simplifying the collection of supplier data from multiple regions, thereby eliminating the risks associated with supply chains that rely on single sources or locations.
orcun guven managing director promena
Orçun GüvenManaging Director Promena
With Scoutbee, we are increasing the potential procurement ecosystem that we can implement for our customers. We are certain that the most successful procurement system of the future is a hybrid ecosystem that combines a stable core with innovative and intelligent new tools.
klaus bernzen senior partner apsolut
Klaus BrenzenSenior Partner apsolut
We are excited to partner with Scoutbee to help us further our mission of helping companies grow, manage, and optimize their supplier diversity programs. Supplier diversity is not only the right thing to do; it’s a smart business strategy that drives innovation, helps local businesses grow, and contributes to the success of local communities.
aylin basom ceo supplier io
Aylin BasomCEO
During these times of change and uncertainty, we acknowledge how much support companies need to ensure a healthy and stable supply chain. Prewave’s risk discovery solution, based on publicly available data, can now provide a further step with Scoutbee’s risk mitigation expertise.
harald nitschinger managing director prewave
Harald NitschingerManaging Director Prewave