SCOUTBEE for your existing suppliers

Gain full visibility into your supply base

Effortlessly analyze and gain deeper insights, all in one place with up-to-date supplier data

Trusted by 500+ leading brands

Analyze data with ease, make informed decisions with clarity

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Get a tailored experience

with supplier data that’s customized to your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience for every user.

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Consolidate relevant supplier information

in one place for easy analysis and time-saving convenience.

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Stay informed with up-to-date supplier information

to mitigate supply disruptions, regulatory issues, and compliance risks, and align your procurement strategies with your ESG goals.


Get up-to-date, accurate, and reliable supplier information with the AI-driven Scoutbee Intelligence Platform

Traditional methods like spreadsheets and standard databases can be time consuming, leading to reduced data quality and engagement across your global supply base.

Consolidate your supplier data in one place with the Scoutbee Intelligence Platform. Stay ahead of the competition and protect your brand with high-quality, up-to-date information that empowers informed decisions.

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Key Capabilities

Find suppliers easily with intuitive search and filter capabilities

Effortlessly find suppliers in your supply base that meet your specific needs with faster results using our dynamic search and filter options

  • Streamlined search experience: Save time and make faster decisions with our user-friendly search experience.

  • Intuitive filters: Find the products or services you need, filter by product, region, or capabilities, and get the results you want.

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Power your decisions with accurate and up-to-date supplier insights

With the AI-driven Scoutbee Intelligence Platform, you will always have accurate and up-to-date information consolidated in one place

  • ESG and diversity: Unlock comprehensive ESG and supplier diversity data on each supplier, powered by our best-in-class network of data providers.

  • Financial data: Obtain comprehensive financial information to minimize risks and make informed decisions.

  • Products and capabilities: Gain a thorough understanding of a supplier’s capabilities and product offerings to assess their suitability.

  • Certificates: View the certifications (such as ISO) held by each supplier, helping you ensure they meet the required standards.

  • Company hierarchy: Access detailed information on a company’s organizational structure to effectively communicate with the appropriate decision makers.

  • Spend data: Retrieve complete spend on each supplier to negotiate more favorable prices and optimize costs.

  • Supplier ratings: Review supplier ratings to obtain valuable insights on performance and track record.

compare suppliers

Save time with intuitive supplier comparison

Evaluating suppliers has never been easier with the Scoutbee Intelligence Platform

  • Streamlined evaluation: Easily compare supplier data points like product, capabilities, certificates, and ESG to evaluate suppliers quickly and efficiently.


What do our customers say?

I have been begging for a product like this for years. The Scoutbee solution is what I’ve wanted and needed forever.
maggie brommer
Maggie BrommerHead of Procurement Unilever Prestige
Every new technology opens new doors, and Scoutbee’s AI driven supplier search helps Siemens climb to a new level in our strategic sourcing.
michael klinger siemens ag
Michael KlingerCorp. Supply Chain Management Siemens
In only a couple of weeks, Scoutbee managed to scout numerous suppliers that catered to our needs – it’s fast, efficient and reliable. In addition to substantial cost savings, the level of supply chain transparency we gained by utilizing Scoutbee’s artificial intelligence was astounding.
kathrin schwinghammer audi
Kathrin SchwinghammerDigital Innovation Manager Audi
We were able to reduce the hours we spent by approximately 85%, screened 80% more suppliers and achieved significant cost savings. What used to take months, takes weeks now, and the results are very impressive.
linde thomas daffner procurement head static
Thomas DaffnerProcurement Head Static Linde Engineering
With Scoutbee, you can sustainably and strategically improve your supplier portfolio, and that’s more valuable than ever today. We should all take the risk and benchmark our suppliers to see whether or not we’re competitive enough.
heiko braitmaier kaercher
Heiko BraitmaierVP Procurement Kärcher
Scoutbee offers an amazingly structured process, and informative holistic supplier profiles. They kept our time exposure to an absolute minimum - 3 hours to start the project, one hour for an NDA, 8 weeks in total for a supplier market screening.
viessmann anton ewitsch lead buyer
Anton EwitschLead Buyer Viessmann