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The benefits of Gen AI in procurement

Automate the tasks of data aggregation, representation, and insight generation, build your data foundation and unleash the potential of generative AI - one data point at a time.

How Gen AI enhances productivity


higher quality completion


Increase in speed per task


more tasks completed

Source: Harvard Business School of Technology & Operations Management: Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier: Field Experimental Evidence of the Effects of AI on Knowledge Worker Productivity and Quality.

Why deploy AI in procurement?


Use cases for Gen AI in procurement

Resilience: scenario planning

  • Which of my suppliers would have the biggest impact on my business continuity capacity if they were to be disrupted?

  • Which of my existing suppliers would be a suitable substitute should my current supplier not be able to deliver due to a disruption?

  • Which suppliers outside of my supply base can help me in case of disruption?

Risk mitigation: accelerate time to recovery

  • My supplier has been hit by a disruption and is out of action. Which of my suppliers can step in as substitutes?

  • If I were to look for suppliers outside of my supply base, which criteria should I apply to my search?

Innovation: leverage existing supplier relationships

  • I am looking for suppliers that can support an innovative product. The request from my R&D is that the suppliers need to have specific capabilities.

  • Do I have suppliers in my portfolio that meet this demand? 

Supplier diversity: evaluate and improve diversity

  • I have a goal to spend 20% of my total spend with diverse suppliers. How many of my suppliers have a diversity certificate and what am I spending with them?

  • Which of these suppliers can I give more of my spend to based on their products?

  • Which of my suppliers without a diversity certificate show similar characteristics to those with a certificate?

Bringing our solutions to life

The AI data foundation

  • The data foundation is at the core of our applications. 

  • Built on private Large Language Models (LLMs), a knowledge graph, and machine learning, your data foundation enables you to aggregate, represent, and store your internal data and external data in a secure environment. 

  • It is the connective layer between your existing systems, external data sources, and our AI, Intelligence, and Discovery solutions.

AI in our solutions

The AI CoPilot

  • Receive dependable decision templates and precise action recommendations.

  • Understand how market dynamics can affect your supply base and where to take preventive actions.

  • Measure your supply base performance against your strategy and derive actions to improve.

  • Easy entry: start by integrating basic supplier data and training your AI. Work with existing suppliers, drive direct savings, increase compliance, and reduce time to market - instead of onboarding new suppliers you don’t need! 


How AI is revolutionizing procurement

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