The Driving Force Behind Everything We Do

Our values

integrity value network


We believe in leading by example and continuously getting better. We’re fully aware that we don’t have all the answers and that’s fine by us. We take pride in collaborating with individuals and organizations that hold the knowledge and expertise we need. We build trust through honest relationships and responsible dealings with our entire ecosystem, and we’ve worked incredibly hard to earn our reputation as a quality driven, reliable, and committed partner.

customer value team

Customer centricity

We strive to create a positive, long-lasting impact on the organizations we work with, on their teams, and their entire supply chains. Our mission is focused on enabling our customers to make better decisions based on the best possible supplier intelligence data. We pride ourselves on being pioneers, proactively shaping innovative solutions for our customers. Whatever the setting, we place them firmly at the center of our ecosystem and always ask the question, “How would this make our customers’ lives better?”

excellence value working


Excellence is not perfection. It’s good judgment and flawless execution while learning along the way, always aiming to be a little better than we were yesterday. We move fast on solving our customers’ problems - we know that the better we are, the better they are and, ultimately, the better our planet will be.

collective value planet

Collective consciousness

We take pride in serving the largest procurement organizations on the planet, and in the fact that our data goes a long way towards helping them achieve their ESG goals. We work together as a team and share responsibility for tackling challenges on behalf of our customers, who hold similar values. Our work essentially revolves around delivering better data that drives better decisions which will ultimately create a better world. As part of this journey, we attract top talent who share our vision and support us in making it a reality.

diversity value village


We take pride in creating a welcoming workspace where our teams feel included in our decisions, a place where voices are heard, where differences are cherished, and where all stakeholders can be their true selves. We’re firm believers that when all elements of diversity and inclusion are in place, this generates an environment where creativity thrives. To that end, we’re passionate about helping our customers expand their supplier diversity programs, ultimately promoting innovation, driving competition, and positively impacting local communities.